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Adobe Animate CC Classroom
Training Dublin



Suitable for all Flash users. You will learn the foundations of Flash. If you are new to Flash, or want to brush up your skills, this course will benefit you

2 days or 6 evenings


What does the course cover? This course takes users from the basics through to creating multi-frame interactive animations which can be deployed on the Internet. Users explore a number of different applications of Flash – learning how to create interactive forms, add sound to events triggered by users and other advanced techniques


Why take this course? On completion of this course attendees will be familiar with the Flash program and be comfortable in creating interactive animations and enhancing images for web deployment. You will be able to work with the vector drawing tools and create simple movies from existing images, edit, modify and amend those movie scripts./p>


Who should attend? Web designers who are interested in developing interactive web pages perhaps incorporation sound and animation for example. Anyone wishing to get a good understanding of web design techniques Flash Level 1 is the course you are looking for. Familiarity with other web design software is assumed

Includes online access

You also get access to the online course for you to practice with after you’ve completed the classroom course.

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