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HTML5 CSS Classroom
Training Dublin



Learn to build HTML pages for the web and style them using cascading style sheets(CSS)

3 days or 6 evenings


What does the course cover?
This two-day course teaches the skills required to develop HTML web pages styled with CSS using Notepad and a browser. The course also covers the new semantic tags in HTML5 and new upcoming features of CSS3


Why take this course?
Starting from scratch you will learn to create web pages using tools that are free and easy to use. We will also highlight the areas you need to be aware of from a search and accessibility perspective


Who should attend?
If you want to be able to build or maintain a web site then your starting point is HTML and CSS. This course assumes you have no knowledge of HTML or CSS. It is assumed you are proficient at managing files on a computer

Includes online access

You also get access to the online course for you to practice with after you’ve completed the classroom course.

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